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BAISHENG LASER signed a strategic agreement for school-enterprise cooperation with Foshan Gaoming Advanced Technical School


This training class is Foshan's first targeted training class for cultivating high-skilled talents in laser technology. It is of great significance to Foshan Gaoming's creation of the "New Highland of Advanced Manufacturing in the West of Zhuhai".


Foshan Gaoming Advanced Technical School, a civilized unit of Guangdong Province, a demonstration unit of modern civic education in Foshan City. In October 2015, the school was approved to establish the first batch of "Skilled Talents Entrepreneurship College" in the province; passed the national key technical school running level evaluation and advanced technical school running qualification review In March 2017; upgraded to a senior technical school in July 2017; opened the laser technology application industry in 2020, and it is one of the three colleges in Guangdong Province that opened this major, creating Foshan the first in the training of laser technology application talents.



Since its establishment in 2004, Baisheng Laser has remained true to our original aspiration, kept its mission in mind, and devoted itself to the development of laser technology for many years. Baisheng Laser has a laser industrious production base of about 100,000 square meters. It can provide internship opportunities for students of mechanical and electrical and other related majors every year. 

By leading students to practice laser equipment real machine training, providing teaching training on laser processing principles, optical path principles, equipment installation, debugging and maintenance, etc., in addition to consolidating students’ theoretical knowledge, Baisheng laser also focus on cultivating practical abilities and comprehensive qualities for students after graduation, guaranteeing smooth employment.


Sam Chen, Chairman of Baisheng Laser, pointed out at the opening ceremony that enterprises are the main body of vocational and technical education, and training technical talents in accordance with the needs of industry enterprises is an important way to enhance the adaptability of vocational and technical education. 

Baisheng Laser will continue to use its advantages in R&D strength and practical teaching on the way to deepen the integration of education and school-enterprise cooperation, promote higher vocational education with Chinese characteristics, create new glories, and cultivate and transport more for the laser technology industry.