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Baisheng Laser Takes The Advantage Of The New Infrastructure

As a new manufacturing technology, its laser processing flexibility, complex structure manufacturing ability and workpiece quality are far higher than traditional manufacturing technology. It has broad development prospects in the fields of new communication equipment, new energy, electronic manufacturing, medical equipment, rail transit, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace.

Therefore, laser processing technology is considered as a new generation of strategic support technology for the manufacturing transformation and upgrading.


Baisheng Laser, founded in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of laser processing equipment.

Under the fierce competition in the laser industry, Baisheng laser braves the wind and the waves with its strong manufacturing strength, excellent product quality, open and transparent product price, the principle of mutual benefit and integrity and high-quality service code.

BAISHENG achieves an annual production capacity of 1200+ sets, gains 5000+ loyal customers, establishes cooperative relationship with a number of global well-known equipment parts manufacturers. Meanwhile, its marketing network covers more than 60 countries and regions around the world.


With the advancement of the "new infrastructure" project, the application demand space of laser technician equipment will continue to expand. We should observe the situation and seize the opportunity of "new infrastructure construction" in the field of laser processing equipment, so we can buck the trend and turn "danger" into "opportunity".


Increase R & D investment, improve product quality, and meet the diversified application needs of "new infrastructure".

Baisheng has a first-class R&D center and a professional manufacturing base, also having a number of patented technologies. Our R & D team is composed of more than 40 experienced excellent engineers and technicians.

Baisheng medium and high power sheet metal laser cutting machine, automatic coil laser cutting machine and fully automatic professional pipe cutting technology are in the vanguard of the industry.


Market research and precision marketing, provide professional laser processing solutions for the "new infrastructure"

Baisheng laser insists on being driven by market demand, strengthening market research, actively using resources from all parties, clarifying market directions, and insight into customer needs.

Increase the investment in sales training and build a professional sales elite team.

We provide professional laser production solutions for customers in terms of the processing material, processing efficiency and processing cost.

Get rid of homogeneous competition and get customer recognition with quality.

The entry barrier of the laser equipment industry is low, and the homogeneity of laser cutting machines, laser welding machines and other products is becoming more and more serious. The resulting price competition will only make enterprises more difficult.

In order to get rid of the low-level product homogeneity competition, Baisheng laser will pay more attention to the quality of the equipment, avoid blind follow-up and fight a price war.

We committed to building a world brand of industrial-grade laser cutting machine, highlighting the brand advantages of Baisheng laser, and improving the brand value and customer experience.

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