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LC Series
LC Series
  • Laser Power: 200w|300w|500w

  • Cooling Mode: water cooling

  • Suitable for remove rust, paint, oxide and other contaminants from metal surfaces

  • Non-contact, no damage to the substrate

  • No consumables, fast speed cleaning


1 Robust & Transportable Carriage with All Compone

Robust & Transportable Carriage with All Components Built-In

Light and compact structure with casters to facilitate movement, occupying small space. Laser source and water chiller built-in design.

Numerical Control System

Highly responsive touch screen, multi-language optional interface, simply click and enter parameter to operate the laser cleaning machine. It can quickly and effectively respond to your touch commands.

2 Numerical Control System_.jpg

3 Ergonomic Handheld Cleaning Gun.png

Ergonomic Handheld Cleaning Gun

The cleaning head is compact and lightweight, very comfortable and easy to control and operate. 

There are two buttons to adjust the pulse width according to your specific needs.

It can be handheld or cooperated with manipulator to realize automation

Non-Contact Cleaning, No Damage to The Substrate

Precise cleaning, accurate position and size selection are available. No chemicals, no consumables, safe and environmentally friendly

4 Non-Contact Cleaning, No Damage to The Substrate

Laser Cleaning Applications

The advanced laser cleaning technology can be applied to various industries, such as oxide and rust removal, aviation components, paint removal, injection mould cleaning, weld preparation and cleaning, turbine cleaning, surface preparation and other maintenance and preservation.

5 Laser Cleaning Applications.jpg

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