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HDE Series
HDE Series
  • Heavy-duty reinforced machine bed, strong bearing capacity

  • Europe standard full enclosed structure

  • Real-time camera safety cutting monitoring

  • Patented synchronous exchanging dual platforms 


Laser Cutting Head.png

Laser Cutting Head

Auto Focus

Applicable to multiple focal lengths, automatically adjusts focal position in cutting process by different sheet thickness.

Free Your Hands

Focal length is controlled by operating system, which effectively avoids errors or faults caused by manual operation.

Simple and Fast

When technicist changes different metal sheet, Auto focus laser head can automatically read system storage parameters, which make the cutting process less gas, less electricity, lower cost, high efficiency.


By setting perforation focal length and cutting focal length respectively, the cutting is more accurate.

Heavy Duty Criss-Cross Reinforced Machine Bed

Robust Structure

The main wall of the frames is made of cross-reinforcing stiffeners every 30cm, which stronger the load-bearing capacity, and the structural force is fully utilized to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment.

Long-Term Stable Use Without Deformation

The infrared flaw detector and the unique six-stage constant temperature stress-relieving annealing process for the machine bed ensures the quality of welding and make the cutting more precise.

District Dedusting

Scientific fluid mechanics analysis optimizes the air duct design, a stable single air duct cooperates with the high-power fan and partition tracking, which greatly improves the dust removal effect, effectively reduces the dust pollution in the cutting operation, and improves the working environment.

Heavy Duty Criss-Cross Reinforced Machine Bed.png

Extruding and Stretching Integrated Aviation Alumi

Extruding and Stretching Integrated Aviation Aluminum Beam

High Rigidity

The high-strength hollow cavity design is resistant to deformation and effectively disperses internal and external stress. 

Advanced Technology

Adopting the aviation aluminum ultra-high pressure extruding and stretching process, the beam features anti-torsion, anti-overturning, and optimal mechanical properties. 

High-speed Movement

The rigidity of the beam is greatly improved, the weight is lightened, and the application requirements of high speed, high precision and high responsiveness are guaranteed.

Easy Operation Control System

Developed by the leading developers, the system provides various intelligent functions to help you free your hands in metal fabrication. Smart technology such as fly cut, common-edge cutting, micro-joint, leapfrog, centering, smart collision prevention, automatic edge-seeking, and etc.

Easy Operation Control System 1.png

Wide Applications

Fiber laser cutting machines are gradually playing a part in the metal fabrication industry. Such as metal signage, interior decoration, engineering parts, sheet metal cabinets, automobile industry, advertising industry, kitchenware industry, home appliance, doors and windows, and other industries. 

Almost all materials common in the metal processing industry, steel, aluminum, carbon steel, mild steel, galvanized sheet, steel coil, zinc coated steel sheet, brass, stainless steel, electrolytic plate, alloy, and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be fatly and accurately cut by the laser cutting machine.

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