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TDE Series

•  Laser Power: 6000W-30000W

•  Exclusive patent shuttle table

•  Rigidity machine bed structure with strong load-bearing capacity 

•  Working size options: 6300mm*2500mm

•  8000mm*2500mm | 12000mm*2500mm

High Efficiency Shuttle Table

Rapid Multidirectional Exchanging

Same Direction

These two pallet changers (the front and rear platforms) are simultaneously exchanging in the same direction.

Opposite Direction

These two shuttle tables (upper and lower platforms) are respectively exchanging in the opposite direction.

Ultra High Power Laser
To Enhance Your Metal Processing Capabilities

•   State of the art laser-cut edge quality
•   Smoothly Cut reflective materials
•   Faster piercing and laser cutting
•   Superior material utilization and tighter nesting
•   Less distortion and high accuracy



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