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G Series

• Laser Power: 1500W-6000W

• Tube Cutting Length: 6500mm

• Round Tube Diameter: φ10-220mm

• Square Tube Diameter: □10-150mm

• Capable of cutting various pipes, tubes, structural beams, open sections, profiles

• Equipped with automatic loader and unloader, high productivity and efficiency.

To Simplify Your Work and Improve Your Profit

Dynamic Movement

pneumatic front chuck and solid rear chuck, full stroke external roller increases chuck clamping trust and bearing capacity. Strong clamping force and anti-skid claw makes the tubes not easy to fall off.

Strong Versatility

Except normal round pipe, square tube and rectangular, other special shapes like triangular, oval, H-beam, U-channel, open shaped structural beams can be firmly holder by the chuck without deformation.

Easy Operation

Intelligent bus real-time system and handhold box control, fast cutting and stable following of the tube corner can be achieved, ensuing reliable cutting quality.

Wide Applications

Laser tube cutting machine technologies keep up with market dynamics, it is widely applied in various industries, such as furniture shelves, outdoor fitness equipment, bike frame, education equipment, bed frame, construction, food service, agriculture, architecture industry and etc.




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