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K Series

•  Laser Power: 1000W-3000W

•  Tube Cutting Length: 6500mm

•  Round Tube Diameter: φ10-120mm

•  Square Tube Diameter: □10-85mm 

•  Capable of configurating semi-auto or full-auto loader and unloader system

•  Widely applied in furniture shelves outdoor fitness equipment, bike frame, education equipment bet frame, and etc.

Increases Productivity By Saving Time and Achieves Precision Finish

Pneumatic Front Chuck

Equipped with the pressure holding function, the holding time in up to 8 hours, which can avoid safety accidents caused by accidental power for gas failure.

Professional Tube Cutting System

Based on the bus real-time system and the integrated follow-up control, fast cutting and stable following of the tube corner can be achieved, ensuing reliable cutting quality. 

Precision Seamless Joint

High accuracy tube processing, quality edge laser cut, easier for subsequent welding. perfect splicing of round pipe square tubes connection. simpler and more accessible joints, inserts and fixings.


Laser tube cutting machine technologies keep up with market dynamics, it is widely applied in various industries, such as furniture shelves, outdoor fitness equipment, bike frame, education equipment, bed frame, construction, food service, agriculture, architecture industry and etc.Laser Tube Cutting Machine Applications-FHBS LASER



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